Luisa Olazábal and Luis Ojeda lead a multidisciplinary team of more than 25 professionals. Founded in 2003, the architectural firm Luisa Olazábal addresses integral architectural projects including, interior design, decoration, and landscaping. 

With an eclectic and timeless style, their projects are committed to being sustainable. The studio -focused on the Spanish market- also develops residential, corporate, institutional, and commercial projects in Austria, Belgium, France, Norway, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.


Luisa OLAZÁBAL | Managing Partner

Luis OJEDA | Managing Partner

Ina MORENÉS | Project Leader  

Angela SANZ | Project Leader 

Rocío MUÑOZ DE VERGER | Project Leader

MACARENA OLAZÁBAL | Portugal Project Leader

Isabel BARROSO | Project Leader

Paloma de UNZURRUNZAGA | Interior Designer 

 Laura ESAIN | Architect

Lucía DURIO | Architect

Bernadeta XIMÉNEZ DE EMBÚN | Interior Designer

Cuca COMIN | Interior Designer

Javier SANCHEZ | Building Engineer

Claudia MOROLLÓN | Architect

Carmen DEL VALLE | Interior Designer

Carlota PEÑA | Interior Designer

Conchita VALENTÍN | Head of Art and Graphic Design

Edina ZICHY |  Head of Construction

Vanna VILLA | Head of Communication & Concept Development

María FERNÁNDEZ DE CÓRDOBA | Head of Decoration

Beatrice ROGANTINI | Architect


Amelia de ORLEANS e BRAGANÇA | Architect

Ester ANSÓTEGUI | Administration

David CASANOVA | Head of Finance and Administration

Vicente REDONDO | Logistics